Sunday, 27 September 2015


Back in 2013, some of the members of my quilt group and I shared in a Block of the Month project.  There were 6 of us who participated.  Each of us shared a pieced block pattern and a machine appliqued block pattern, so a total of 12 blocks.  All of the blocks finished at 12".  We each chose the fabrics we wanted to work with and the final layout of our quilts.  I shared most of the quilt tops with you back in January 2014.

I really wanted to try to do some custom quilting using the computer on the Statler and I thought this would be a great quilt to try it on. So a few weeks ago I did just that.

I chose a design for the borders, one for the sashing, one for corner stones, one for the pieced blocks and a different one for the appliqued blocks.  I used a beige thread that blended in very well with the background fabric.  In hind sight, I could've used a darker thread so the quilting would show up a little more but as this was my first time doing custom work and getting used to using the machine I wanted it to blend in, just in case.  I really love the texture the quilting gave to the quilt, and those little corner stones are my favourite part!!

I had so much fun quilting this!  I am really getting the hang of the computerized machine and I am loving the results.  

You will notice a new tab at the top of my blog called machine quilting services.  I am now offering machine quilting services so if you would like something quilted, I hope you will consider sending your quilt my way.  I would love to quilt for you too!

Here is my BOM quilt in its new spot, hanging in my dining room.... just perfect for the fall! 
I just love that texture!

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