Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Last summer my Uncle came for a visit and asked me if I would made a banner for him.
He does woodworking and woodturning.  He makes beautiful bowls, pens, cremation urns, and feather boxes.  You can check out is work on his website
He lives in Kingsville, Ontario and often goes to fairs and markets and sells his items there.  He wanted a banner to hang in front of his table where he displays his feather boxes.

Our ancestors are Métis and my Uncle wanted his banner to look like the Métis flag.  The flag is basically a royal blue background with a white infinity sign in the middle.

So I took some Kona Ocean fabric and quilted the pattern called "Kindling" on it, which looks like woodgrain.  And then I machine appliqued a big infinity sign in the middle and his name on the bottom, as well as the words "Métis Artist".  I bound it with Kona Ocean.

The longest part was doing the applique around all the letters, but I am really pleased with the result and so is he.  There is an extra 10 inches or so on the top that lays on the table and then the rest of the banner hangs over the edge of the table. I think it was a great idea! We make a good team my Uncle Danny and I.