Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Last summer my Uncle came for a visit and asked me if I would made a banner for him.
He does woodworking and woodturning.  He makes beautiful bowls, pens, cremation urns, and feather boxes.  You can check out is work on his website
He lives in Kingsville, Ontario and often goes to fairs and markets and sells his items there.  He wanted a banner to hang in front of his table where he displays his feather boxes.

Our ancestors are Métis and my Uncle wanted his banner to look like the Métis flag.  The flag is basically a royal blue background with a white infinity sign in the middle.

So I took some Kona Ocean fabric and quilted the pattern called "Kindling" on it, which looks like woodgrain.  And then I machine appliqued a big infinity sign in the middle and his name on the bottom, as well as the words "Métis Artist".  I bound it with Kona Ocean.

The longest part was doing the applique around all the letters, but I am really pleased with the result and so is he.  There is an extra 10 inches or so on the top that lays on the table and then the rest of the banner hangs over the edge of the table. I think it was a great idea! We make a good team my Uncle Danny and I.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WIP Wednesday February 10 2016 - Aviatrix Medallion

So in my last post I promised you more pictures of my aviatrix medallion. I thought WIP Wednesday would be a good day to post about this quilt since it is a work in progress and probably will be for a while.

The week after the retreat, I trimmed the centre block down to the 14.5" square and added the first border which is made up of grey HSTs.

Then I got the itch but I had 2 other commissioned quilts to work on so I had to put the aviatrix aside.

I finished one of the 2 commissioned quilts and decided I deserved a little selfish sewing time, so I added the second border to the quilt.

That is where I am at now. Once I finish the other commissioned quilt, I will continue to work on this beauty. It is so much fun, and I am really liking the outcome!

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Happy 2016

Wow! How is it already February 2016?

I have so much stuff to share with you, I honestly had a hard time deciding where to start. I went to a retreat in January. I always love going to a retreat at this time of the year. It allows me to have some much needed "me time" and I think it's a good way to start off the New Year, a good way to recharge my batteries and figure out where I want to go with my quilting.

During the month of December, I got inspired to make a quilt using the pattern called In From the Cold by Kate Spain and some Christmas fat quarters by Riley Blake, all of which I had bought at my LQS the year before.

So I had made one block during the Christmas holidays as a little teaser.

First block - In From The Cold
First block

So I knew I wanted to make the other blocks while at the retreat. And here they all are:

Blocks - In From The Cold
Blocks - In From The Cold

I still need to embroider the steam on 2 of the cups but I am so excited about these blocks!!! This quilt is going to be so much fun!

I also started my next big project while at the retreat, the aviatrix medallion. I have been planning this quilt for months. It is my reward for having worked on the three quilts I made for my friend's kids last year.

Fabric pull for Aviatrix Medallion
Fabric pull for Aviatrix Medallion

Before the retreat I took the time to cut all of my colourful fat quarters and made a little fabric chart as well. This made things go faster and smoother. At the retreat I managed to piece the centre block.

Aviatrix- centre block
Aviatrix - centre block

I have done more work on it since I am home but I will keep that for another post.

Instead, I will share with you some photos of some of the projects my friends worked on while at the retreat.






There were so many others that I didn't get photos of. As you can see, we were very productive!

I promise I will be back soon with progress on my aviatrix medallion. I also have a finished quilt to show you and some machine quilting to show you as well. I think this is going to be a great year full of new adventures in quilting, especially in machine quilting. I can't wait to share them all with you!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Pink Quilt aka Katie's Favourite Things

In my last post, I told you that I made quilts for my friend's daughters.  This quilt is for the oldest sister.  She likes all things pink.  Her mom sent me a list of her favourite things and I made her a custom quilt.

Katie's Favourite Things Quilt

Some blocks are machine appliquéd, and some are pieced.  Since some of the blocks were different sizes, I decided to add pink patchwork for the sashing.  I dug in my stash for all of the pink fabric I had.  I have very few scraps left now!

Penny block

The above photo is Katie's favourite doll Penny.  Her mom sent me drawings of the doll so I could get her just right.  This quilt was definitely the result of some team work!


Pink Hippo
Pink Hippo

For the quilting, I used a pattern called Floral meander.  I thought it needed something soft and flow-y.  I think it turned out so pretty.  I am sure she will love it!

Katie's Favourite Things Quilt


They get their quilts in a couple of days now and I can't wait to know what their reactions will be.  I really had fun making them!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Princess dresses

Hi!  Remember me? Wow, time has flown by since my last post.  I have been quite busy and have a lot to tell you about.

As I told you before, I am now offering longarm machine quilting services and I have been quilting for others.  I haven't been too busy, just busy enough and I must say that I am really enjoying it.  But what I have been really busy doing since I last blogged is finishing two commissioned quilts for my friend's daughters.

Today I would like to share with you one of those quilts.  It is for a 4 year old little girl who just loves the Disney princesses.  Her mother asked me to make a quilt just with the dresses.  She told me which princesses she wanted.

I bought the pattern from Chi Town Stitching on Etsy.  My daughters had lots of fun helping me pick the fabrics for the dresses and loved watching me make each one. 

I had so much fun making this quilt. Who doesn't love princesses? Here are some of my favorite dresses:

I quilted a lovely pattern on it with some hearts in a soft pink thread.  I think it adds beautiful texture to the quilt.
The backing is a Disney fabric featuring a few of the princesses.  It is so nice and soft.  My mom bought it for me last winter when she was down to the States.  I hadn't even started the quilt back then so unfortunately I didn't have enough.  I just ended up adding a strip of the pink polka dots I used for the outer border to the bottom edge of the backing.  I think it looks okay.  

I used the fabrics from the sashing and border for the binding.  I think it makes it look a little fun and whimsical.

She will be getting it for Christmas and I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens the box.  I had so much fun making this quilt!

Next week I will share with you her sister's pink quilt.  Be warned, there will be a lot of pink in that next post!