Monday, 24 October 2011

Miss Perfect...

I am known in my family as being a perfectionist.  If I try something and don't get it perfect the first time, that's it, I don't do it again.

I have tried machine quilting before.  I took a course for machine quilting on my domestic machine.  I really like stitching in the ditch or doing straight lines where I can use my walking foot. When using the free motion foot, I couldn't get the stitch length even and couldn't get the curves down.  So I don't do free motion quilting.

My mom has a long arm quilting machine.  She has been quilting with it for 12 years now.  She has been bugging asking me to try it for years.  I did give it a go when she first got her Gammill.  I did one row of apples.  Let me tell you, they were some pretty square apples!!  

So of course you can guess, being a perfectionist, I didn't want to touch the machine again... until today!

While reading all of these blogs where people talk about doing machine quilting, I decided I should give the Gammill another try.  After all, I am so lucky to have this machine at my disposal, and for free!  

I made a quilt this past summer (for me!) and decided I should try quilting it myself.  Of course, I needed to practice first!

So, today was the day!  We had this charity quilt that needed to be quilted.  What better to practice something new!

As you can probably tell, I am not too thrilled with my work.  After the first row it was very difficult for me to keep going, but I did!  I did the whole quilt myself!

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy it.  It was very difficult for me to deal with the emotions I was feeling. Part of me really wants to do this, but the perfectionist in me says, you can't do it right, so just get mom to do it for you.  I was mad and frustrated with myself because I didn't have fun and I wanted to quit.  

I am really happy I finished the little quilt though and didn't give up.

I will quilt on the long arm again... I just need a little more practice and lots of time...


  1. I think you will get it with practice Ginette, I know when you click with it you will be so happy!!! Mom xx

  2. Go for you for trying it and finishing the quilt. What you experienced really resonated with me. I too like to get things right the first time. With FMQ though, you just have to keep at it. What worked for me, in the end, was doing a quilt that I didn't "care" about and breaking up the FMQ into smaller sections. I'd only do as much as I felt comfortable doing in a session, whether it was one, two or later on ten squares. And I also said that I was going to have fun and try something different in each section so that if I didn't like a particular motif, I wouldn't have to do it for long. Oh, and I watched a lot of Leah Day's videos on the free motion quilting project. You can totally do this Ginette! Keep at it. You'll be very glad you did. :)


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