Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Every year, my mom and I, (and some of our friends), work on these little cuddle quilts.

 My mom has a friend in Markham, Mary, who was a nurse at the North York General Hospital.  
We have been making these cuddle quilts for her, for 8 years now.  They are given to the parents who give birth to babies who are stillborn or who haven't made it to term.  The nurses and volunteers in the bereavement unit dress the little ones with little hats and booties and nighties, that are also donated, and then lay them on our little cuddle quilts for them to have a final moment with their little angels.  The parents then get to take all of the donated items home with them as a momento.

We always make them around the holidays and finish off a bunch of them in January to send to Mary.  It makes us feel like we started off the year right.
Although it is sad, it makes us feel good and warms our hearts that we could do a little something to help these families go through one of the most difficult moments in their life.


  1. The snowmen in your header picture are so cute!

  2. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. It doesn't take much to make the world a better place for someone else. Bless the little angels who are wrapped up in them.

    May I ask what size they are? I could make some for our own local hospital.


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