Sunday, 29 April 2012


Two weeks ago I showed you 2 baby quilts I had been working on for one of my dad's co-workers.

Well, she picked the blue one!!

My mom did a great job quilting it, as usual!

Here's the label.

The quilt is for a little boy who turned 1 yesterday!  He will receive his quilt at his birthday party today.  I hope he likes it!

Edit:  I have linked up to TGIFF at Quokka Quilts.  Check out her really cute little helpers modeling on her latest finish!


  1. I thought they were both lovely - but had you forced me to choose I'd have gone for the blue one too! That's one lucky little boy - I'm sure he'll love the quilt!

  2. am I sure he will love it...... It is very boyish!!!

  3. It turned out great, Ginette! I'm he will love it!

  4. Hehe, glad you liked my helpers! Lucky you to have a helpermom who quilts! Great finish and thanks for linking up.


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