Friday, 6 February 2015

Minecraft quilt blocks

My friend has asked me to make quilts for her 3 kids. She has a son and two daughters. Her son is a huge Minecraft fan and thought it was really cool when he saw a quilt online. I decided to start with this quilt, so I went looking to see if I could find a pattern or some cutting instructions, something to help me get started. I have two girls and know very little about Minecraft so getting started on this quilt has been interesting!

I came across the Quilting Board somewhere on Google. One lady was asking for help making blocks based on the Minecraft game. This lady suffers from discalculia, which is like dyslexia with numbers. She couldn't turn the pixelated images into quilt blocks to make a quilt for her grandson. Tina Benson, from the blog Slightly Off Quilter, came to this lady's rescue and used EQ7 to design the blocks for the quilt. She was kind enough to share her design on the Quilting Board and also on her blog.

So I have been using Tina's design as a guide to make these 16" blocks for a Minecraft quilt for my friend's son.

Here are my blocks so far:

Minecraft quilt blocks
Minecraft cow quilt block

I received my order of Kona solids from Mad About Patchwork earlier in the week so I will be able to continue making my blocks. This quilt is a lot of fun to make and I am already getting lots of great feedback on Facebook and Instagram.



  1. Wow my 10 year-old would absolutely love this! It's going to bee such a fun quilt!

  2. These are very interesting blocks. Especially the one on the bottom.


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