Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Back in the Swing of Things

I realized yesterday that I started this blog 5 years ago.  I just checked and it was 5 years ago, this week actually.  So I have decided that since it's the fall, a time to get back into routines and new schedules and such, it would also be a good time for me to get back into blogging.  

I hope I still have a few followers out there willing to read my posts and check out my quilting projects.  And since I have changed things in my little world of quilting as I have started quilting some quilts for others, I hope you won't mind me sharing some of my customers quilts on here too.  Some of the quilts I have quilted over the past few months have been fun and I would love to share them with you.

Ali's Aviatrix Medallion
Alison's "Aviatrix Medallion"

Kaaren's Stopped Me In My Tracks
Kaaren's "Stopped Me In My Tracks" Quilt

Of course you can always find me on my Facebook page and on Instagram where I post stuff regularly as well, but I will be making a real effort to post here more regularly and share with you some of the fun stuff I will be working on for me and my customers.  

So to start, how about a fabric pull... I am participating in a mystery quilt with my Guild.  Here is my fabric pull for the Mystery Quilt.

Fabric pull
Fabric pull

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  1. Still here :-) and with similar ambitions about reviving my blog!Lynne.


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