Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I am so excited that I got to teach a friend how to quilt this past weekend.

I made Catherine a quilt over 10 years ago.  This blue and white log cabin. 

That's her son when he was just a baby (he's now 5!).

She asked my mom and I a few times this summer if we thought she could learn to quilt.  We told her we knew she could do it.  But no plans were made... until 2 weeks ago when she decided she would like a quilt for a certain someone and that she would like to help us make it.  

I have to say I was so excited at the idea of teaching one of my friends the ins and outs of my addiction passion! 

We met at my mom's and had so much fun!!  Catherine is a natural and really got bitten.  

She managed to finish the top of her quilt.  Because she is in a hurry to get this project done, my mom will be quilting it for her and I will be binding it.

We did send her home with a pile of magazines and she has already picked her next project... a new quilt for her!!  We are all looking forward to our next "quilting party".

Isn't fun to share?!


  1. she does look like a "natural"...

  2. That's awesome! And Sue's right, she does look like a natural. I would love it if one of my friends asked me to teach her how to quilt. Lucky you!

  3. Thanks for your comment on TGIFF :) Hope you join in the fun. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? :)


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