Thursday, 2 February 2012

Jelly Roll 1600

We had a great weekend of sewing fun at my mom's!  I always love spending time with my friends to get inspired and sew on some new and old projects.  

So do you know about the Jelly Roll 1600 race?
You can see it here.

Five of us decided we wanted to give it a try and this was the retreat to do it.

This is my jelly roll.

This is Betty's jelly roll strip.  

We had to sew every strip, end to end to make one long 1600" strip (hence the name Jelly Roll 1600!)
At first we thought we would do it "race style" like the video.  The closer we got to the retreat, the more we were thinking, we might not want to do it that way.  So, Pat started sewing hers together before the retreat and the rest of us had our 1600" strip sewn together.  

Here are Betty and Pat getting started.

This is my mom and I getting started.

Some pressed as they sewed, while others just kept on going till they were done.  We all had the same strange feeling as we went, though... I'm not sure I'm gonna like this when I 'm done!  
It was very hard to give up control and see the same fabrics being sewn next to one another.  
Luckily we all had encouragement from one another and kept on keepin' on!

So when Pat finished first, we were all AMAZED at how gorgeous it looks!!  The rest of us were all anxious to finish ours!!

Within an hour, we were all done.

Pat's Jelly Roll Quilt

Dale's Jelly Roll Quilt
Betty's Jelly Roll Quilt
Alice's Jelly Roll Quilt (my mom!)
My Jelly Roll Quilt!!
 Don't you just love them all!!


  1. That are all awesome, Ginette! I've been wanting to make one of those -- they look like so much fun!

  2. What an interesting idea - it would be a fantastic way to use scraps too. All the quilts look different - and lovely! That's an amazing room you are all working in - plenty of space for everyone!


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