Friday, 24 February 2012

Please vote for me!!

I entered this quilt in the weekly themed contest over at The Quilting Gallery.

Please click here and go vote for my quilt.  It is called Mother Daughter Baskets.

I will post more about it next week but will tell you that it is a joint effort between my mom and I.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  1. I just voted for your gorgeous quilt, it stood out immediately and I see you are in the lead!

  2. Love your quilt. It got my vote! How lucky to get to share a hobby with your mother.

  3. Congratulations! His work is mutio gorgeous!

    Hugs, Ione

    Google Translate, ok!!!rsrsrsrsr

  4. I have voted for your quilt. It is so beautiful!!!

  5. what a beautiful quilt - I voted for you ;-)

  6. Hi Ginette, I just popped over from Michele's quilting contest. Wanted to say I love your quilt ;o) you and your mother did a fantasic job. You and your mother have a wonderful eye with color. Not all quilts are equal and yours are top of the line!

  7. I voted and saw that you are leading! Woo hoo! Beautiful quilt, Ginette! Looking forward to hearing more about it!


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