Monday, 12 March 2012

Mother Daughter Baskets

A few weeks ago I won the Weekly Themed Quilt Contest over at The Quilting Gallery.

It's taken me a while but I did promise you more details about this quilt, so here they are... better late than never, right?

My mom and I worked on this project together.  It is a pattern from The Rabbit Factory (and it's on sale for half price on their website right now!)

We started in 1998!  Talk about a UFO!!

The original plan was:
Ginette - machine piece baskets and quilt top, help with hand quilting
Alice (mom) - hand applique blocks and quilt by hand

Well, when it takes you so long to finish a quilt, the original plan has time to change quite a few times!!

I did machine piece the baskets but my mom only appliqued one or two of the blocks.  I ended up appliqueing the rest!  This was my first attempt at hand applique, so it took me a long time!
Once I finished the blocks, we looked at the fabrics we had picked out for the blank blocks and borders. They didn't look right anymore.  

Also, my mom had gotten her Gammill since we had started this project.  We decided that we were no longer going to hand quilt it, she was going to tackle that part on her longarm.  We wanted the quilting to show, so the dark florals were way too busy for the blank blocks.  They also dated the quilt... we wanted it to look classic, not old!
My mom went shopping and found the perfect fabrics!!  
She pieced the top, including the sawtooth border, and then worked her magic with the quilting.  

Isn't it beautiful!  I love it!!

Mother Daughter Baskets
68"x 81"
started in 1998 - finished in 2012


  1. So beautiful and what a wonderful collaborative project! Congrats to both of you!

  2. beautiful and you are right... it is timeless and will look just as fresh 10 years from now...

  3. Wow! This is gorgeous! I can't believe this was started in 1998. It does look modern and timeless. What a special story behind the quilt! Congrats!


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