Wednesday, 9 May 2012


This year I participated in my quilt guild's challenge.  Last night they were all displayed and the members got to vote for their favorite one.  I didn't win, but I am really happy with my wall quilt and am so excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Here are the fabrics that were in the bag I purchased back in September.

Here is my final product!

 The theme was All Creatures Great or Small.
 Of course we had to include the four fabrics in the top of our quilt but there were also many techniques that needed to be included:  applique (machine or hand), strip piecing, paper piecing and creative stitching (by machine or by hand).  The perimeter had to measure less than 200".

I did some machine and hand applique, the inner border is strip pieced, my hexie flower is english paper piecing and I hand embroidered all the vines and accents in the flowers.  The little eye on the hummingbird is a french knot.

This little guy will eventually be hanging in my bedroom but this weekend he will be at the Common Thread Quilt Show: Quilts in Bloom.  If you are in the Ottawa area on the weekend, be sure to stop in at the RA Centre to see some awesome quilts!  

Next year, I will be Challenge Coordinator for the guild so I am looking for some ideas for an interesting challenge.  I have a few ideas but would love any input you would like to share.  Know of any good ideas for a challenge?


  1. Very nice Ginette

  2. Great job, Ginette! Well done on incorporating all those fabrics and techniques! There's been a change of plans for me for attending the show this weekend. I'm heading to Toronto on Saturday so I'm hoping I'll get to the show Friday afternoon. I really don't want to miss it!

    Good for you for taking on the challenge coordinator's position! I've seen and participated in a 'box top' challenge, where you pick a box of cereal or crackers and you have to use the colours and the same proportion of colours in your piece. It was a lot of fun. Of course, with the world coming to an end this December, you could do a "From Now Until the End of the World" challenge. LOL! Look forward to seeing what you pick!


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