Thursday, 28 June 2012

Garden Path - TGIFF

I love this book.

I have been wanting to make another project out of this book for a while and thought that last weekend's retreat would be the perfect time.

So I packed up the book along with some fabric and steam-a-seam (I forgot the batting but my dear friend Pat had some extra!!).

I started Friday afternoon and finished the top around 10:30pm.  As you can see in the picture above, I forgot to reverse the pattern when I traced the pieces on the steam-a-seam... ooops!

I pin basted it and quilted it Sunday morning.

I put the binding on Sunday afternoon and


It is now hanging near my front hall and looks so perfect!!

I am linking up to TGIFF over at Sparrow In Flight.  Please head on over and check out her beautiful Brick Path Quilts, as well as everyone else's great finishes!


  1. I also have and love this book. I made the quilt on the cover a couple of years ago. Really should get it out and make another... Good the colours you picked....

  2. Great job on this quilt! Awesome applique! I need to get more practice on this to make my stitches look more even.

  3. Those colours are so warm and inviting and I like that you flipped the center design (even if it was unintentional. Great job, Ginette! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! :)

  4. What a neat pattern! Its one I think that could also be done in modern fabrics too! You did an excellent job making all your hour-glass blocks look so perfect! I think it looks great even with the turning of the piece. Very well done, it sounds like you had a successful retreat!

  5. I haven't appliqued in years. Like, at least 10! So I am in awe of this - all those little curves, eep!

  6. Wow, that was quick! I'd have to think about that project longer that it took you to implement it! Looks great!

  7. Very pretty! I love the colors!


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