Monday, 30 December 2013

Little houses for a little girl

I worked on this quilt for a very long time. It was meant for my nephew's little girl when she was born in June 2012. I finished this fall and she finally got it at Christmas... Only a year and a half later...


I had these panels and I thought they would be great for a little girl. I used coordinating fabric to put them together.

I used my mom's long-arm to do some free-motion quilting. I had a lot of fun doing different designs in the sky and houses.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I took them quickly before wrapping up the quilt.

Apparently Zoe is very happy with her quilt.



  1. zoe loves it and so does mommy and daddy:) your the best at what you do and we really appreciate the gift even if it was late theres no worries there she just get to appreciate it even more

    thanks again xoxox

  2. Oh! That's lovely and those panels are really cute! I've not seen that fabric before. The quilt is just as suitable for a toddler as it would have been for a baby and I'm pleased that Zoe loves it!

  3. Very pretty, and appropriate for a toddler.

  4. OMG the colour, the colour! I do so love me a bright colourful quilt. How very fun!!! I bet Zoe is enamoured with it!!!

  5. love your house quilt Ginette

  6. Adorable! Lucky little girl :)

  7. Such a bright and fun quilt! She can appreciate it more now!


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