Monday, 17 February 2014

Moda Blog Hop

Did you know... Moda is having a blog hop called Spell it with Fabric!

I am so excited, I just had to share the news with you.

I just love all the quilts out there using letters.  I especially love the little minis people make using the word LOVE.  Everywhere I look, it seems people are just improv piecing these letters or they are paper piecing them.  I don't like paper piecing and I just don't find improv piecing relaxing... just the thought of it makes me nervous and stressed.  So needless to say, this blog hop is just perfect for me!

Moda has assigned a letter to different blogs.  Every day, 3 or 4 bloggers are sharing their letter and the instructions to make the letter.  They are also having a giveaway.

Today I printed out the letters a, b, and c.  I am so looking forward to getting all the letters and making mini quilts for friends and family!

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