Sunday, 2 March 2014

Swoon blocks - 7 done, 2 to go!

I worked on my latest Swoon block yesterday and realized I haven't yet shared them with all of you.

I started making these blocks back in January when I went to the retreat with my friends. Once you make one, and you get the hang of it, they are so much fun to make. I love piecing so these are really my kind of block.

Here are my blocks so far:

I am so looking forward to making the last two blocks and putting this baby together. I think it will look lovely on my bed.



  1. These are really lovely swoon blocks. Your sewing is so accurate. I'm also working on Swoon. all my blocks are done and I just have to add the sashing.

  2. I love these swoon blocks! Like your fabric choices : nice colour pops but not over powering.


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