Saturday, 15 March 2014

World Wide Quilting Day!

So it's world wide quilting day. What did I do to celebrate, you ask?

I made myself a mini!!

You know I was dying to make myself one after finishing my mom's. I had picked out the fabrics earlier in the week but, it being March break, I was busy keeping the girls busy and the few times I did get to my sewing room, was to sew with my youngest (more on that in a future post).

So the fabric for the letter G was cut out but nothing else was done. I started after lunch and was done by supper time.

My husband suggested the pink floss for the embroidery and I love it! I used 4 strands and a backstitch and I think it is perfect.

I used black thread and quilted a crosshatched pattern. I think it is a good mix of modern with the fabrics and more traditional with the quilting.

I moved the furniture around in my studio a few weeks ago and that left a section of wall blank. I think it is a great spot, next to my sewing table, to have a display of minis. So this is the first mini on this wall.

I can't wait to make more!



  1. Absolutely darling, Ginette! Love the hand stitching detail. Happy World Wide Quilting Day!

  2. Very cute! :-). I really like that red print.

  3. Lovely! G is a much more interesting letter shape than an "L". I need to think of a way to dress it up a bit. Maybe I'll take some inspiration from your embroidery idea! Lynne.


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