Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A little break...

Well, it wasn't planned but I have enjoyed a little bit of time away from the blog. With school ending and the kids being home for the summer, things first got crazy, but for the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying some together time.

We have been doing some sewing and quilting. Today I thought I would share with you a few projects my daughter and I made as gifts.

My youngest's teacher saw the infinity scarves I made last year and had put in a request for one earlier in the year. So here is the scarf I made her. I used the pattern from Anna Maria Horner's website but I changed the measurements making it a little shorter. She loved it! Sorry about the quality of the photo. I remembered to take it just before wrapping it up at 9:00 the night before gifting it!

My eldest daughter wanted to make a pencil case for her teacher. She loves using the computer to make embroidery designs. She pretty much has the hang of using the computer program now so I am slowly teaching her how to use the embroidery machine. She also sewed the pouch together as well. Her first time sewing on a zipper! Her teacher was so happy and told her she would be using it for years to come!

The weekend after school was out, my eldest daughter went to her friend's birthday. Since this friend is in her gymnast group, she decided to make her a drawstring bag for her grips. Of course she had to design something to embroider onto the bag. She really wanted to use the watermelon fabric but we figured the embroidery wouldn't show up as well on that fabric so she picked the lime coloured oval elements fabric for the embroidered side. We used this tutorial from S.O.T.A.K. Handmade for the bag. I am looking forward to making more of these drawstring bags! This is a fantastic tutorial!


I also made these 2 little key fobs for my friends/co-workers.

I will be back soon to share some mini quilts!



  1. Wow! these are some lovely project! I love that watermelon fabric and the gymnastic bag is adorable. :)

  2. Wow, there are lots of cute ideas here. And these small mini-projects are great since you can complete each in short order and never need to feel guilty since they never become UFOs.

  3. Lucky peeps to be receiving those wonderful gifts! I am especially enamoured with the scarf (being a scarf lover myself!) - it is sooo pretty!!!

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