Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Princess Quilt

When my friend saw the Princess quilt I made last year, she put in an order for me to make one for her new grand daughter. So we talked earlier this year and she said she wanted it for the baby's first birthday.

Her birthday is today and she is having a tea party with her friends and I hope she will love her Princess Quilt!

When I laid out the blocks to assemble the top, my 8 year old was quick to point out that Tinkerbell is NOT a Princess! But I just had to include her in the quilt because my daughters were big Tink fans and this little girl is only 1, so we don't yet know who her favourite will be! Right?

This quilt is the size of a lap quilt. So she will be able to use it on her bed when she graduates to a toddler bed. That's what Grandma wanted.

I bought the patterns for the blocks from the Etsy shop called Chi Town Stitching.

The hardest part was picking the fabrics.

I am sure she will love her quilt for a long time.



  1. That is so adorable! I'm positive this little girl will love it!

  2. So cute - lovely appliqué!!!


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