Thursday, 27 October 2016

Giving to Charity

My quilting friends and I have been working for the past 6 months or so on some Charity quilts and I wanted to share them with you.

I found out about a home in our city where young women who are going through a hard time can go when they are pregnant or just had a baby.  They have another group of women donating quilts for the babies and I thought it would be nice to be able to do something for the young moms.  So we are making quilts for them to put on their beds and use while they are staying at the home, but that they can then take with them when they are ready to leave.

There are 15 beds at the home so for our first donation we have dropped off 15 quilts.  We wanted to make sure all of the girls get a quilt. 

There are 9 of us participating in various ways in the making of these quilts.  Some donated fabric from our stash, some donated orphan blocks, some pieced the tops, some quilted, some did the bindings.  We all chipped in to buy the batting.  Some of us even had some quilt tops that we didn't want anymore and donated those.
It was fun to see how Alice put Betty's orphan blocks together with Rita's fabric! It's been a great group project and a lot of fun getting rid of some of our old fabrics and UFO's at the same time.

We will be making more and bring them as they are done so that when new girls come to stay at the home, they get a quilt too.

My mom and I dropped the quilts off earlier this week.  The ladies who work at the home were so happy with our donation.  They are going to let the girls pick their own quilt, so they can have something they like.

It feels so good to give! I highly recommend it if you can do it too.


  1. This post is a treasure!! You are an angel!! and an artist, too. All these quilts are gorgeous, lovely ideas, beautiful prints and patterns and yet, they are full of love. Congratulations to you and your friends for doing this.

  2. Decades ago I worked with girls who found themselves in this situation, at a time that was less forgiving. Such a gesture of generosity and kindness of spirit would have meant so much. Thank you (and Alice [Hi, Alice], and your friends) for doing this. Meredith (HVQ)

  3. What a beautiful gesture! Those quilts are gorgeous and they will be loved I'm sure!

  4. What a lovely idea and what beautiful quilts!I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated and loved. Lynne.


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