Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Super Hero Quilt for Maddox

This is the third of four quilts I made in the last few months. Four quilts for four children who lost their father last year.

Maddox's quilt has a Super Hero theme.

The inspiration for this quilt came from a picture of Maddox and his Dad taken one Halloween. Maddox is dressed up as Captain America and his Dad is dressed up as Superman. Kevin has his hands on his hips, just like Superman, and is looking straight ahead. Maddox is looking up at his dad with that look of admiration only a child could have for his Hero, his Dad.  Perfection.

The t-shirts were all worn by Kevin and the blue patches are from his shirts. The plaid ones are actually from some pyjama pants. We picked up the red fabrics from our local quilt shop as well as the border, binding and backing.

The Captain America T-shirt was a gift Maddox gave his Dad for his birthday and also the last t-shirt Kevin wore before he passed away.

Kevin was a fan of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts so I added a patch from one of those shirts.

patch from Ralph Lauren polo shirt
 I quilted the pattern Jessie's Swirls on the quilt to add some texture and movement to the geometric squares.

quilt on the longarm
For the back of the quilt I used a nice blue crosshatch fabric from Carolyn Friedlander, one of my favourites.
back of quilt

This is Maddox's label with the scriptures his mom picked out just for him.
His father used to sign every email and letter: "Here, with a purpose."
Everything was very well thought out and has special meaning.

The children received their quilts on the 1 year anniversary of their father's passing, along with a beautiful photo book their mother put together.  Beautiful keepsakes they will cherish forever.

Stay tuned for the final quilt...

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