Thursday, 13 June 2013

A new challenge

I am headed to my mom's in the morning for an in-town retreat with my quilt group. We will be sewing together all day Friday and all day Saturday. We get to go home to sleep on Friday night, but there is room to sleep if we decide to stay overnight!

We are going to start a new challenge while we are together this weekend. The goal is to finish a UFO. So we each have to bring 4 to 6 UFOs, all packed up in separate bags. We will each take turns putting our UFOs into a black garbage bag. Someone will pull out one of the UFOs. The challenge is to completely finish this project before June 2014.

As extra incentive we are also putting money in a jar. I think we said $10 each. If you complete the challenge, you get your $10 back. If you fail to complete it, your money is divided amongst the others who did meet the challenge.

So here are my UFOs:


Triangle lap quilt: needs borders, quilting, binding and label


Batik bed quilt: needs borders, quilting, binding and label
Friendship Star bed quilt: needs last border, quilting, binding and label
Scrappy Bargello lap quilt: needs to be pieced, borders maybe, quilting, binding and label
Dresden Plate bed quilt: blocks need appliqued circles, needs to be pieced, quilted, binding and label
Garbage quilt (QAYG): I think it needs 7 more rows...

There you have it. Some of these UFO's are from my blogging days and some are from before that time. I picked 6 UFOs I think would be fun to do and that I feel like finishing.

I will let you know which one I pick and you will surely be able to see the progress throughout the year. Have a great weekend!



  1. What a great challenge! Sweet idea to put money on it too. Can't wait to see what happens. Have fun!

  2. That sounds like a great retreat! Good luck with finishing whichever ufo gets picked :)

  3. I hope you pick the batik bed quilt! That look yummy even stuffed in a plastic bag!


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