Saturday, 1 June 2013

Log Cabin

I finally finished my 5 year old daughter's log cabin quilt.

It took me about a year from start to finish which isn't too bad for me considering it is a bed sized quilt.  My mom quilted a beautiful pantograph quilt on it. I love the texture it adds to the quilt.

I put a lovely flannel on the back.

And used a great purple for the binding.

Her room is pink but her favourite colour is purple.  It adds a lot of warmth to her room.
Although it is a little warm right now for the flannel back, she absolutely wanted it on her bed right away!


  1. Congrats on this finish! It's beautiful and your Mum's quilting is lovely :)

  2. Super sweet quilt! My daughter is 6 yrs and she switches her favorite color from pink to purple and then back to pink all the time. I made her a pink and purple quilt too. :)

  3. Awesome quilt for a littler girl, what fabulous colours. Your Mom did a beautiful job of the quilting.

  4. It's gorgeous! Purple is also my favourite colour. :-)

  5. Adorable! No wonder she wanted it on her bed right away -- it's perfect!

  6. That's lovely! The colors are beautiful together and the quilting makes the quilt just come alive. She'll treasure that her whole life.


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