Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WIP Wednesday

We are having so much fun watching the olympics!  My 6 year old is really interested and as a budding gymnast, has a million questions about what's going on.  My favorite being: "When will you register me for the Olympics?"  Ah, to be young and have dreams...

I am surprised at how much sewing I am getting done even while watching the Games.

I finally finished this top on Monday.  It is now gone to my mom's to be quilted.

On Friday I showed you this quilt:

and told you I was now working on a matching one.

Here is the progress I have made so far.

Theses 4 blocks have been pieced:

These are laid out on my design wall, ready to be pieced:

And here is the stack that is still waiting:

This is the pattern I am using.  I have used it before here.  This time I am making 30 blocks so that the quilt will be a little bigger.

Hope you are getting some quilting done!

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  1. Hi Ginette... Drew is also very interested in watching the Olympics.... when it was close this morning for the silver medal, he put his hand over his face and said "I can't look" and they cheer for Canada.. love the purple border on the hearts and also love the other one you made... I just finished an "elephant" quilt. just have to get the binding hand sewed down.. Meant to do it on the machine but forgot and sewed it to the right side... Will probably get it done tomorrow as it is Johns Girls quilt day. Give me something to work on.

  2. Love your heart quilt , I made that many years ago for my granddaughter and to this day that is one of my all time favorite quilts.

  3. Your heart quilt look so amazing! I love it! And that is too cute what your son said. :)

  4. I'm finding the Olympics more interesting than I expected to! Your heart quilt is lovely :)

  5. Beautiful little heart quilt! And I have been watching the Olympics every year since b4 it was on TV - yeh, too long! Had dreams of being part of the track team but never quite got that far... but love watching every team and every sport no matter who wins!

  6. I agree with Lisaleh, but I love them all! I can't believe how many you have in just one post. I am also jealous that your mom can quilt for you. I have emailed 3 quilt stores and either not response or they don't have the machine to quilt. So lucky!


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