Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Why I have been MIA

It's been a while since my last post.  I have been quilting, but mostly Christmas gifts that I can't yet show you anyways.  

Although it is not quilting related, I thought I would let you all in on what I have been working on.
Last Saturday we hosted a Super Mario Bros Birthday Party for my daughter's seventh birthday!

We bought the Super Mario dinnerware and decorations at Party Mart.

I always like having coloring pages for the kids to color when they arrive.  It keeps them busy as we wait for everyone to arrive and also gives them something to do during transition periods.

I got this one here.

We started with a craft.  This is the part that took the longest to prepare.
The kids made t-shirts!  I bought 10 white t-shirts at Michaels and pre-washed them.  I then printed a picture of Mario's face and traced it onto the t-shirts using my Frixion pen.

Then I went over them again using black Tulip paint.  It took me a few days to do this as I did a few at a time and then let them dry completely.

We set up a folding table in the kitchen with all the t-shirts and some fabric markers.  I bought the Graffiti ones at Michaels.  The kids had a lot of fun coloring their t-shirts and a few of them put them on when they were done!

I also did a little face painting.  The birthday girl opted for a mustache like Mario's.  Some of the other kids wanted one too but most of them preferred a mushroom.

My cupcakes left a little to be desired... they were suppose to look like mushrooms... I think this is where I can honestly say I do better with fabric!

I think the kids favorite part was saving Princess Peach (the treasure hunt!).  My husband and I came up with clues for everyone.  It was truly like an adventure game where they each had something to do in order to help us find Bowser and save Princess Peach.  

The clues for the adventure game! (sorry for the bad lighting!)
I got the clipart for the clues here.

Bowser was hiding here!
We had trouble getting Princess Peach out of there so my husband took out the big guns!! 

The kids were so excited to find the coins and the Princess that were hidden inside.

We also played Super Mario Bros Bingo and a hot potato game where everyone received a Super Mario Bros eraser.

We have a very happy seven year old and all the kids had a blast!  
It is amazing all the resources we have on-line!  My daughters and I had so much fun researching and planning this party!

I am hoping to get more quilting done soon but both my machines need to be brought in for check-ups as they are acting weird, and I have a snowman birthday party to plan for my baby who turns 5 in three and a half weeks!

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  1. That party looks like so much fun, Ginette. Great ideas -- no wonder she was happy -- she'll always remember that party!


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